Aly Raisman

Team captain Aly's mom was a higher college gymnast, and Aly began her gymnastics "career" in the age of two when mom and daughter attended a Mommy and Me class. "I normally had a great deal of power," she mentioned, "so it was the perfect match! I have constantly loved it ever since!"

Kyla Ross

Even as a child, the Hawaiian-born Kyla Ross was generally super powerful and super energetic. Her mother after said that her daughter "was born with muscle tissues. We would go to the park and everyone would say 'Whose child is on top rated of that jungle gym ' And I would say 'Oh, that's my baby. Never worry about her, she's fine.'"

Jordyn Wieber

Like fellow teammate Kyla, defending all-around champ Jordyn was "born with muscle tissues." "I was possibly two or three," She once said. "My parents noticed that I had unusually bigger muscles than a standard little kid, so they put me in gymnastics."

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Some call them the new Fab 5, others ralph lauren polo outlet online , the Fierce 5. As far as we're concerned, the young girls on the 2016 Olympic Women's Gymnastics Team are our Favored Five.

Let's take a look at how they got their commence in gymnastics ralph lauren puffer jacket :

Gabby Douglas, aka "The Flying Squirrel"

Gabby's gymnastics career began at age six when she enrolled in her 1st gymnastics class. By age eight, she had won an all-around gymnastics award for her level at the 2004 Virginia State Championships. Trying to reach her potential, Gabby moved extra than 1200 miles away from her Virginia residence to Iowa ralph lauren shirt . There, she educated with Liang Chow, who was the coach of former globe and Olympic champion Shawn Johnson.


Gabby just won gold in the All-Around!!!


McKayla Maroney

At two-years-old, McKayla started operating around on all fours soon after watching the movie Tarzan. So that you can exhaust her daughter's boundless power, McKayla's mom enrolled her in gymnastics, and also the rest is Olympic gold history.

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